TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack Mac with Serial Number 2024

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TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack Mac with Serial Number 2024 Free Download [Latest]

TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack Mac 2024 has long been one of the most important utilities for keeping your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. With the release of version 9, he became more competent than ever. TechTool Pro provides tools to maintain and troubleshoot your Mac, including disk repair, RAM testing and data protection.

TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack Mac

TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Mac Serial Number 2024

It is a fully functional Mac operating system maintenance program to avoid waste and troubleshooting. TechTool Pro Crack provides a timely solution before the system actually crashes. Also, diagnose your computer system if it encounters unexpected errors that could impair your routine work. There is a built-in scanner to systematically visit all components to maintain profitable processing at all times. Works in the background without pressing any running applications. The program is fully accessible via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connection portals. You can also download; Textastic v5.0 Crack Mac OS

You can quickly work with LANs and WANs to provide online network services for systems distributed around the world. Establish your physical connection through the port or access it remotely for remote management over the Internet. In addition, the TechTool Pro Serial Number works strongly for security guarantees and privacy issues. It applies certain controls to data and input processes to determine their availability. Get complete information about history and resource usage in the timeline view.

Key Features of TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack:

  • TechTool Protection – TechTool Pro 12 includes the option of installing a System Preferences panel to monitor your Mac. New features include I / O error checking, self-test errors when powering on, Mac notebook internal battery health and RAID status (if applicable) ). It also includes the same improvements for SMART control in TechTool Pro. All of this wrapped up in a completely new interface.
  • Check Computer- Check Computer is a practical way to tell TechTool Pro to run the entire battery of tests to give you the best possible snapshot of your Mac’s health. However, it is sometimes good to skip tests or skip some discs. With the help of the new control panel, you have complete control over the Check Computer package. Power to people.
  • Partition Map- TechTool Pro Mac OS Torrent is known for testing your Mac’s file system. It is also important to test the data structures that contain the Mac file system: the partition map. The new partition map test checks for errors in the partition map for a given drive. Partition map errors can cause entire volumes to be lost or prevent a Mac from booting. If errors are found, they can be repaired with the Partition Recovery tool.
  • Partition Repair- Along with Volume Rebuild, which repairs the Mac’s file systems, the Partition Repair tool repairs the remaining parts of the drive that tracks the volumes on the hard drive. This includes hidden partitions that control your Mac’s boot process. The Partition Repair tool does exactly what it says, fixes the partition plates or drives when needed.
  • SMART Check- Hard drives contain a technology called SMART (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that can inform a computer about the integrity of hard drives. In most tools, only the overall results – success or failure – are reported to the user. In the failed state, there is usually little or no time to back up the data before the drive fails. Earlier versions of TechTool Pro reported the overall status of each attribute, but some attributes are not contributing to disk failure. SMART Check is now smarter. TechTool Pro now knows which attributes contribute to disk failure and will report a failed result before the disk completely fails. This gives you time to save your data.
  • Memory Test- TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack took a revolutionary step in memory testing, making the TechTool Pro memory test suite the most comprehensive test available for Mac. In TechTool Pro 10, we took some of the additional enhancements used by ATOMIC, our memory tester. dedicated memory, and we integrate them with TechTool Pro. Now, the memory is ‘cleared’ before testing, and recovered from macOS, maximizing the amount of RAM that can be tested.
  • Processor Benchmark- Get an objective measure of your Mac’s processor performance. The processor benchmark also uses industry-standard measurement algorithms to test processor performance. With this tool, you can get statistics that can be used to compare processor speeds from apples to apples. Avoid confusion when comparing with Megahertz.
  • Bluetooth- Most Macs rely on Bluetooth to connect to the tools we use to communicate with our computers: the keyboard and the mouse. Bluetooth problems can result in disconnections from these devices, which can be very frustrating. TechTool Pro 18.1.3 Crack Mac check the correct operation of your Mac’s Bluetooth hardware. Make sure that not only your input devices, but also your audio and fitness devices can connect to your Mac, by checking the Bluetooth hardware on your Mac.
  • Network Interfaces- Most Macs spend most of their lives using the Internet. If the ethernet or wi-fi adapters on your Mac are not working, the valuable connection to the Internet may fail. The new network interface test can test any connected network interface for errors. It not only tests ethernet and wi-fi, but also any other supported internet connection, ethernet over USB, VPN connections and even a FireWire network connection. Ensure the reliability of your Internet and Intranet connections by testing your Mac’s network interfaces.

TechTool Pro 13.0.2 Crack Mac with Serial Number 2021 Free

What’s New in TechTool Pro 18.1.3?


  • support for macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’. (Runs under Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon Macs. Native support coming in a future version.)
  • support for user Home directories stored on external volumes for Mac OS X Basic profile devices
  • a warning dialog for Macs equipped with the Apple T2 chip for TechTool Protogo and eDrive


  • a reported crash of the Battery Check test when updating and searching for Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • an issue detecting Boot Camp partitions that reside on an APFS volume
  • the Check Computer configuration window to correctly support the Data partition for the File Structures test
  • Check the Computer configuration suites menu when booted from a TechTool Protogo Basic profile device or eDrive
  • issues with multiple users in the login window for a Mac OS X Basic device
  • a Battery Check crasher reported by users of Mac OS X 10.11 ‘El Capitan’
  • battery manufacturer date for new iOS devices that were introduced this year
  • Snapshot Usage feature in the TechTool Protection to correctly create snapshots according to user settings


  • Snapshot Recovery APFS snapshot deletion routine for improved performance
  • Battery Check toolTips to dynamically update the iOS version when a device operating system is updated
  • Disk Speed tool icon
  • the Battery Check status in the Battery Check feature of the TechTool Protection system preference for parity with the application
  • Sparkle to version 1.24.0 for the Check for Update feature
  • English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) localization
  • model identification strings for the Check Computer configuration panel
  • Other minor updates and enhancements

System Requirements

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.11.0 or above.
  • CPU: Intel i5/7/Xeon technology.
  • RAM: 2 GB or more is needed
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB or more free hard disk drive
  • Monitor: 1920 X 1080 monitor resolution or higher with millions of colors.

TechTool Pro Serial Number 2024




How to Install & Crack?

  • First of all download TechTool Pro 13.0.2 Crack Mac from the link given in the end.
  • Extract the RAR or Zip file on your desired location
  • Now open the files and not run the program
  • Copy the patch file and paste it to the main file
  • Now run the software and it will be done
  • Enjoy the software for free!

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